Mantra Dynamics


Mantra’s three consecutive workshops are designed to take individuals through a logical process. Simply and without drama they are bought present to their truths, gifts and opportunities.

1. Realisation: Self Awareness

Knowledge is key here, by showing how, as humans we are programmed by family, peers, society and culture, we gain an insight into why we think the way we do about ourselves, others and expectations.

This opens a doorway to self awareness and we learn to manage our choices when under pressure emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Combined with a unique de-triggering process, individuals can self-manage their mindset and heartspace, thus impacting not only their lives, but those around them.

2. Resonance: Personal Healing & Wellbeing

Our ‘Personal Mantra’ is strengthened, and we learn to make choices based on our true values and goals.

By healing the past we learn also to manage the present by defining our ‘Heartspace’ motivations as the new benchmarks for our life.

Combined with moving meditation and customised Qi Gong exercises. Mantra realigns the body and mindset as the platform to a calmer more balanced approach to stress, anxiety and depression.

3. Reconnection: Mindful Choices & Commitment

With clarity comes choice, your Mantra becomes your new foundation for making those choices. Here we explore and define our new heartspace of mindfulness. It is in this module that we clearly articulate our new vision, mission, purpose and core values, and declare our intention around committing to living a life of self respect, belief and worth.

By working with both the mind and body, Mantra teaches individuals to balance the energetic mindset & heartspace, thus empowering sustainable choices through an ongoing state of mindfulness.

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