Mantra Dynamics

What some of our participants have said.

The facilitators of this programme were definitely down to earth and passionate. I gained so much insight and skills from their presentation that I can use in my everyday life.

I think this is a very valuable and profitable programme. I feel like I gained so much insight, tools, and skills from their workshop that I can use every day.

Mantra was an eye-opener.  Still trying to process everything but the concepts were simple and explained very well.  Fully engaging.  I look forward to what my ‘NOW’ will soon look like.

It was engaging, confronting and helped me better understand some of my behaviour.

Video's From Participants


Tevita said that Manta impacted on him in 3 different levels, first, as an individual, helping him understand why he did things the way he did.

He also goes on to explain that some of his negative behaviours stemmed from the fact they kept him safe as a child.

After doing the Mantra programme he realised this was keeping him back from being his best version of his self.

As a father of 9  it helped him understand his children a little better and how his parenting and how they grow up into the future.

Te Hira

Te Hira said that Manta helped understand others were going through similar challenges.

After doing the Mantra programme he was able to turn his feelings of failure into one of faith and the act of trying was not a fail.

He uses his Mantra to help him start off his day with the passion he has in his heart to achieve his goals and his dreams.


Courtney said she wished she had this when she was younger as she would not have had to deal with depression as she did.

She uses the tools Mantra gave her every day.


After completing the Mantra Program Jimmy said that he learnt to have faith and trust in himself and it felt good.

He felt what he learnt really hit the spot as it was different to what he had been shown in the past.


Participants sharing  a "mission" they have created during the Mantra program.

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