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Mike x 400

Mike comes from a creative business background working with brands, identity and cultures.

Dealing with complex creative goals and expectations Mike has developed an intuitive and mindful facilitation style that combines ideas, facts and storytelling into an engaging and heartfelt delivery.

While building a successful career Mike has experienced, and lived through a range of challenging and impactful events that saw him seek professional, private and institutional support to help him manage his life journey.

After undertaking a professional development programme, which saw him graduate as a coach, Mike and his co-creators have developed a uniquely simple, logical and achievable set of workshops that harnesses their collective learnings and knowledge.

The powerful, empowering and holistic format speaks to the greatness and integrity that lies within us all. Motivated by love, freedom and legacy Mike brings an authentic and inspirational energy on how to overcome the inner critic (doubt) and show up in a meaningful and respectful way.

MY MANTRA, The Freedom To Live My Legacy From Love.

Shane Cropped-min

Shane has been in the wellbeing space as a facilitator and teacher for over 25 years.

His passion for holistic coaching has seen him accumulate a wide variety of relevant experiences and skill-sets that compliment and support his role within Mantra Dynamics.

As a master of Qi-Gong, an ancient health and wellbeing system, Shane applies the same principles to his own life as those he teaches to others.

Focused on the art of moving meditation (Qi-Gong) and balancing the energy within a person’s body, Shane facilitates mind and body connections in applying Mantra to daily life.

Shane realised the combination of Ri-Ha Qi-Gong with the Mantra Mindful Wellbeing programme would enable individuals to physically and mindfully heal past trauma while being able to maintain an empowered state, moment by moment.

Shane's motivated to partner people who are open to making a difference not only for themselves, but also with their whãnau, friends and community.

What excites him are the opportunities for the wellbeing of our present and future generations, through conscious action now.

Mark Cropped Compressed

Mark is an innovative and experienced practitioner in the development and execution of strategy in New Zealand and International markets.

With a history of business success in a number of diverse sectors from commercial to charitable, Mark identifies opportunities, inspires and motivates his teams to execute their mahi rapidly and effectively.

Powerful facilitation skills enable Mark to create motivational environments that unite people for a common purpose and collective empowerment.

Mark’s NGO and community experience includes;
• Ministry of Social Development capability mentor working with NGO providers throughout NZ in producing detailed and documented pathways for their Capability Assessment Development Planning and subsequent implementation
• Chair of Enabled Wairoa
• Trustee of Taiohi Toa Trust. A NZ Police initiative that works with at risk youth to help create a positive difference in young people’s lives.
• Established the Hamilton Men’s Christian Night Shelter.
Mark created and was the primary driver behind this project during the time he chaired the Methodist City Mission Board.

Mark counts this as one of his greatest accomplishments.

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